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The Llanfair Clydogau motocross problem

The background regarding how this website has sprung into existence at this time is explained on the Home page. It's not yet complete, but in fact, and by design, it never will be complete. However there is now sufficient information in this Motocross section for the site to be opened to the public on 19th May, 2008.

The Relevant legislation and Photographs sub-sections are at present empty. However, the photographs that were sent out with various letters can viewed in the letters section, and lots of other images are also available elsewhere.

Motocross problems elsewhere in Ceredigion

I hope that people with motocross problems elsewhere, having found this website, will feel encouraged to keep up the struggle. As I've written on the Home page, I'm willing to expand the website in directions that will hopefully ease the efforts of those with just complaints to be heard in the appropriate quarters, and more importantly, listened to.

Campaigning tip

It was pointed out to me by a campaigner against the Cefn Croes windfarm development that it's no good getting a thousand people to sign an objection to a planning application. Such a document might get in the papers, but it would be only one piece of paper for the Council to formally process. It would be a thousandfold more effective for the petition's signatories to send individual formal objections to the Council, which would have to process each one in turn.

I was given this advice a few weeks ago. It's simple truth and value has a much wider scope than any motocross problem, so it doesn't really belong on this page. However, here it will stay unless and until I find a more logical home for it.

2008.05.07 : The alpacas looking down on sheep being driven out of Pengelli'r Bryn.
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