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Pant-Teg is a local bed and breakfast cum self-catering extablishment. The site has lots of photographs, taken by Yola Wilson. In the absence if an online booking facility, there is an "Availability" page which contains a regularly updated table of bookings.

The data is managed in a Corel Paradox database application (written by me), and kept up to date by Yola. The application generates and uploads a fresh HTML page whenever required.

Jean-Paul Landreau (ceramics)

Jean-Paul lived in Tregaron for over 25 years, but he moved back to France in 2007.

I designed the website's look to (hopefully) complement the colourful nature of his ceramic bowls, platters and vases. Development started off with just the menu being generated by Javascript, but with the site needing to be multi-lingual it ended up with practically all of the HTML code being produced from within Javascript. This gave me the flexibility to present it in any number of languages (five currently), with switching possible on any page. Visitors to the site can easily switch between seeing low-res and hi-res images of J-P's work. A currency conversion facility is also provided.

What this site needs is translators ! Only the home page has French, German, English, Welsh and Dutch text. The other pages have English and apologies...

Cambria Arts - original site

Set up in 2001, this website contains all Cambria Arts exhibition, gig and other published data up to late 2005. I then gave up the work of maintaining it, and a replacement website was set up. I've kept this online for it's value as an archive.

Geoff Rothwell (1945 - 2003)

"A life celebrated in photographs"

Created so that Geoff's friends around the world who were unable to go to his funeral could share the day. Accessible under the address for two years, it now only exists as a "guest" of this website.

2008.04.12 : A heron taking off from Pengelli'r Bryn's pond.
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