What is the purpose of this website ?

Having created some charity and business related websites (see links on the left), I'd always intended getting round to having my own site, but before recent events I had no sense of urgency to actually produce one. What is now being made available in mid May 2008 is a work in progress, which may grow on a daily basis if required. Its initial purpose will be to document the community's response to some recent disturbing events in Llanfair Clydogau, and to fully describe what has been going on.

What disturbing events ?

First time visitors should click on the beige menu item on the left labelled Motocross to see the index page for this subject. Others can go direct to any Motocross sub-menu page, or first check on the Updates section to see what's been updated or added since your last visit.

Wider considerations

I'm bemused by Ceredigion County Council's apparent inability to manage and execute its planning and development functions in a manner that is always fair, equitable and balanced between the county's various community and individual interests. I qualified the previous sentence with the word "apparent" because at the time of writing I have only heard a few grumbles and rumours on this subject.

I'm able to provide room on this site for (fully corroborated) tales of strange and/or inconsistent planning decisions.

As the initial thrust of this website relates to a motocross problem, I'm really interested in finding out what exactly has been going on in Pontrhydfendigaid over the past five years, and how the village community has been seemingly unable to have their wishes fulfilled. All communications from affected parties are therefore more than welcome. Emails may be published if the senders agree, and the content is interesting, relevant and not libellous.

Contacting me

The Contact page contains my email address and a contact form for those who do not want to reveal their identities to me. Contact via a text box on a form will only reveal the sender's ISP (Internet Service Provider). The ISP will only reveal the underlying customer's identity from their server logs in response to a Court Order.

I'm willing to publish information anonymously from people who have no problem with revealing their identities to me, but who would rather not have their names bandied about on the internet. People who write to me via the form will have no influence over my decisions whether or not to publish what they write. Anything that's libellous of third parties will not be published (as mentioned above), as I have no wish to be sued.

Matters closer to home

I have a 20 acre smallholding on which I'm trying to grow some deciduous trees. I also have a couple of alpacas. The image at the top of the page shows my alpacas looking down on some sheep and their lambs. I took that photograph on the 2nd April 2008. The sheep are less than welcome invaders of my land, but their owners refuse to keep them away, and I find myself having to drive them off my land up to two days out of three. The incursion problem will be fully explored on this site in the near future.

It's no coincidence that the people responsible for the motocross proposal also own these sheep. Penlanwen's holdings border three sides of my property, and the northern end of the proposed motocross development is only three narrow fields width from my my land on the west side of the stream, and would probably be closer on the east side.

Why this website is not a blog

There are now apparently millions if not tens of millions of blog (Web Log) sites in existence around the world. Writing as a (retired) IT professional, I despair at the low-tech format that is in use, but I suppose that without using the lowest common denominator approach, the blogosphere could not have blossomed.

This website has been created to provide a repository of facts rather than comments, and it hopefully can also help co-ordinate resistance to unwanted developments. Opinions can be shared here. Unlike the linear progression of a blog, extensive cross-referencing will be applied where and when it would help people find what they need to know, and the search facility (once operational) may be fine-tuned to optimise its effectiveness.

Site Navigation Guide

The menu system on the left gives direct access to every page on the website. Clicking on the first or second level items will lead to topic or sub-topic index pages, which will contain brief explanations of each entry. The third level will contain all detailed information, at least for now. However, should the need arise, further sub-menu levels will be added, but only if they make the site easier to use.

The menu system needn't be constantly used by those who simply wish to step through related pages, as the arrowheads at each end of the beige page identification subheading above provide links to previous and next pages.

Site Search Facility

This has yet to be implemented. It will have the same scope and functionality as the search facility in the original Cambria Arts site.

2008.04.12 : A heron taking off from Pengelli'r Bryn's pond.
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